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My first SEO Experience

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment

SEO – The Art of making your website more desirable to search engines. Now I understand the concepts of SEO, but I’ve never actually attempted to put it into practise. My companies website that I develop doesn’t require any SEO as it is only available to our clients and our cooperate website is handled by a third party web design company.

Now to increase your website or blogs ranking one of the best ways is to get incoming links, now obviously until people start finding this blog and create a link to it, I won’t get any of these for free, so I added my blog to a lists of blog search engines that I found on this blog.

That brings me to the second major way of gaining links, to link others. The main way of getting your blog noticed though I believe it to write quality content, once you blog is picked up by a search engine, if you have relevant titles and content, people will always Google questions as their first source of information.

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